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Our journey began in 2021 with a modest thought of empowering thousands of fellow citizens in desperate need for second source of income during pandemic to support their family needs. With this primary moto our founder Shri. Sagar Gorde decided to establish SMP, extend his knowledge and share experience in stock trading to all aspirants with a desire for growth and who wish to secure long term goals at an early age.

At SMP every aspirant is a family to us with a common goal of achieving financial freedom and we ensure strong hand holding to make every journey a success story.

Years Experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to help common man turn into smart investor who can multiply their wealth and fulfil family needs and dreams with safe and secure investment technics.

Our Vision

Team SMP is determined to ignite millions of lives with knowledge of safe stock trading. We strongly believe every citizen deserves a SHARE in nation’s success story.

Learn Positional, Swing & Intraday Trading, Futures & Options, Stock Filtration, Technical Analysis from Masters with 8+ years of experience in trading.

1. Stock Market Pro Trader

  • Exclusive Live Sessions on weekends for 1 month on Zoom
  • Positional, Swing & Intraday Trading in Equity & Commodity
  • Stock Market Introduction
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Support, Resistance & Trendlines
  • Chart Patterns
  • The Shakti System*

2. Stock Market Option Pro Trader

  • Exclusive Live Sessions on weekends for 1 month on Zoom
  • Become Pro in Future & Options Trading
  • Future & Options Basics
  • Option Buying & Selling
  • Option Hedging
  • Option Chain Data Analysis
  • The OM System*

3. Stock Market Master Trader

  • Exclusive Live Sessions on weekends for 2 months on Zoom
  • Become Pro Trader in Equity, Commodity & Options
  • Combined 1+2
  • Combined 1+2
  • Combined 1+2
  • Combined 1+2
  • Combined 1+2
  • Premium Group Membership For 6 months

  • Auto Buy & Sell Indicator

  • Repeat Lectures Facility in upcoming batches

  • Group Discussion & Practice Sessions

  • Special Guest Lectures about Finance, Business & Lifestyle

  • Easy, Flexible and Affordable EMI facility

When Our Students become Professional Traders…

जोमाने वाढणाऱ्या भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थेमध्ये शेअर बाजार ही नियमितपणे चांगल्याप्रकारे आर्थिक उत्पन्न मिळवून देणारी एक संधी असून मध्यमवर्गीय मानसिकतेतून बाहेर पडून शेअर बाजाराची मानसिकता अशी ओळखावी व आपल्या मनाचे व्यवस्थापन कसे असावे या दोन गोष्टींचा कौशल्याने वापर करून आर्थिक फायदा कसा करून घ्यावा या तांत्रिक बाबींचे प्रशिक्षण श्री. सागर सर यांनी यांच्या एस. एम. पी. कार्यशाळेत आल्यावर मला मिळाले. त्यामुळे ट्रेडिंगबाबतच्या संकल्पना स्पष्ट झाल्या.
यापूर्वी मी शेअर बाजारात जे ट्रेड घेत होतो त्यामध्ये होत असलेल्या आर्थिक नुकसानीचे कारण म्हणजे मी घेत असलेले ट्रेड हे ढोबळमानाने व आंधळेपणाने घेत होतो याची आता मला जाणीव निर्माण झाली. “एस. एम. पी.” कार्यशाळेमुळे विविध प्रकारच्या कॅण्डल स्टिक्स व त्यांचे विविध चार्ट पॅटर्न यांची ओळख झाली. सपोर्ट व रेजीस्टन्स असा लावावा व त्यानुसार ट्रेड कधी घ्यावा व त्यामधून वेळेत कधी बाहेर पडावे याचे तांत्रिक ज्ञान मिळाले. त्यामुळे “शिका व कमवा” हा एक आत्मविश्वास त्यांनी सर्वांमध्ये निर्माण केला आहे.
कार्यशाळेतील विद्यार्थीवर्ग हा एक कुटुंबाचा भाग आहे या भावनेने सर्वाना एकत्रित घेवून पुढे जाणे व प्रगती साधणे हा सरांचा मोटो आहे, याची जाणीव त्यांच्या कार्यशाळेत शिकत असताना दिसून येते. शेअर बाजाराबद्दल श्री. सागर सरांचे असलेले ज्ञान, अनुभव ते अत्यंत सरळ व सोप्या भाषेत, बारकाव्यानिशी त्यांचा कार्यशाळेत तळमळीने सर्वाना देत असतात. कार्यशाळेत घेत असलेले रिपीट सेशन्स, डेमो तसेच मार्केटमधील लाईव्ह सेशन्स या सर्वांमुळे सरांनी सर्वांच्या मनात ईक्विटी, ऑप्शन ट्रेडबाबत एक आत्मविश्वास निर्माण केला आहे. कोणताही व्यावसाईक दृष्टीकोन न बाळगता समर्पण भावनेने करत असलेल्या या ज्ञानार्जनामुळे सर कौतुकास पात्र असून, त्या प्रेरणा देण्याऱ्या आहेत. याबद्दल मी श्री. सागर सरांचा मान:पूर्वक आभारी आहे.
श्री. अनंत ग. दाभोलकर, म.न.पा. सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारी

SMP training course has built the confidence about share market in me.

I’m a long term investor but after joining the course The Mentor, Sagar Sir, helped to built the confidence to trade various options in share market like intraday, F&O etc. Regular sessions and group practice sessions helps to clear the concepts twice. Guest lectures are held in between to take care of mental peace and emotions which occurs in volatile market.
Thanks a lot for designing a good course in world of trading.
Rekha Joshi, Entrepreneur

SMP training provide us depth knowledge of share market. This training gives us Strong platform to learn about technical knowledge. Sagar Sir is a great mentor and I really enjoy the class with full of enthusiasm because the way sir taught us is unbelievable. Course is running and we get more than what we expect. Practical knowledge of trading through live sessions was the favorite of mine.

Anuja Gonate, CMA & B.Com Student

I am a home maker & I am into equity trading since last 2 years. Recently I have joined SMP training, and gained lots of knowledge on equity market / trading technicalities. I have got tremendous confidence on the position, swing trading, F&O as well. Sagar sir has also conducted online live classes during trading session which gives real knowledge in terms of stock selection, dynamics and making use of available information for trading.

This is an exceptional approach towards creating an independent trader.
The training group is also useful to interact on the stock ideas and we also learn from others. It’s like a family approach.
My trading life has drastically improved/changed since I have joined SMP family.
Kudos to Sagar sir for his teaching methodology. . . Thank you so much for all your efforts to make us a strong
Mrs. Sulakshana Tare, Housewife

A big thanks to Sagar Sir and Datta Sir for such valuable, full of knowledge platform, for anyone can get the learnings about stock market. The approach of teaching is excellent. It gives confidence and also for beginners this is very much helpful. The knowledge shared will be helpful throughout the life.

Mr. Satish Gupta, Supervisor in IT Company

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